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This article is about the Halo Wars 2 mission. For the achievement, see The Cartographer
and for the Halo
Combat Evolved mission, see The Silent Cartographer.

Professor Anders and Jerome arrive at the Cartographer to discover the secret of Atriox's command over the Ark.

The Cartographer is the fifth level in the Halo Wars 2 campaign.


Once Anders gained control of the forerunner elevator, she used it to transport Spartan Jerome-092 and his ground force all the way up to The Cartographer. Unfortunately, The Banished already had enough time to set up a large base, some smaller structures and a formidable army surrounding the map room. Captain Cutter  provides support to Jerome and allows his ground force to set up a HQ in order to train and gain reinforcements to assist him in attacking and disabling the three forerunner power conduits that are protecting the map room.

The UNSC disables the three power conduits by clearing out the surrounding Banished forces and then using an EMP Mac Blast from the Spirit of Fire to deplete the forerunner shield and remove the Sentinel swarm. After disabling all three of the conduits and destroying the Banished's main base in The Cartographer, Jerome and his army clear away the final waves of sentinels and disable the shield around the map room, allowing Anders to go inside and discover how Atriox has been using The Cartographer.


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Icon Name Description Value
HW2 AchievementArt StirringThePot Stirring the pot Completed The Cartographer 10G