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The Docks is a Halo Wars multiplayer map[1] set in Pirth City.


Seemingly, the map is set deep within a dense urban area of Arcadia, likely to be set within the same city as the one visited in Campaign. The Docks is a rather large map, designed for two teams of two players, separated by a (relatively) massive building stretching across most of the length of the map. The map can be divided into two halves located on either side of this large building, each team residing in different halves. The two halves are virtually identical, both housing three possible base sites (not including the two that both players of the team start with), one free site closest to the two starting bases, and the other two farther away already occupied by a fortified rebel base.

Taking the form of wrecked vehicles, there are numerous cover areas positioned strategically around the map, alongside several sniper towers positioned to defend points of strategic interest. The two sides are linked by a large street that passes through the large building separating the two sides, an area in which plenty of fighting is bound to occur.


  • The official reason as to why the level is called "The Docks" is currently unknown, but it is believed that it refers to space docks, however this is only speculation. It may relate to Jetty docks used to hold boats, but since there are no boats (nor even any water aside from a fountain), this is unknown.
  • It is possible (and likely) that it is part of the cargo port seen in the mission Arcadia City, as directly between the two sides is a single landing pad similar to the ones from the aforementioned mission, with a pair of control towers. This may be a possible explanation.
  • Interestingly under one of the glass skylights on the (nominally) Covenant side of the map you can see an old Forerunner structure of same type as those seen during the campaign mission Scarab and the multiplayer level Pirth Outskirts, it is unknown why it is there although it may have been preserved for study by ONI under the guise of a monument.