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This article is about the Halo Wars 2 mission. For the Halo 3 multiplayer map, see Foundry.

Alice and Douglas lead an assault to cut off the wave of Banished boarding the Halo.

The Foundry is the tenth level in the Halo Wars 2 campaign. In this mission, Atriox gave a general order to send the whole Banished military to board the Halo ring using the Ark's Foundry access point. Spartans Alice and Douglas must lead portions of UNSC forces to stop the Banished boarding the ring to gain full control of the installation.


Mission Summary[]

Push back the Banished invasion to reach the Halo's Control Room.

Scouting Report[]

Blisterback artillery units have been spotted in the area. Use Cyclops units to take them out.


  • Captain Cutter: About thirty minutes ago, we've lost contact with several of our landing parties on the new Halo ring. Shortly thereafter, we've received confirmation of a large Banished invasion.
  • Anders: When a new ring is launched, the Ark activates access points so Sentinels can finalize preparations. Atriox must be using these points to send his troops up.
  • Captain Cutter: We have to stop the flow of Banished reinforcements getting to this access point before our forces on the Halo are overwhelmed. Once that's done, we can send our forces up to help clean the Banished off the ring.
  • Anders: And Captain, if I may…please try to limit collateral damage while you're down there. The Foundry is literally the birthplace of the Halos. There's so much we could learn from it about Slipspace travel, gravitational manipulation, or building the biggest guns the galaxy has ever seen. Just…don't blow it up.


Icon Name Description Value
HW2 AchievementArt AndTheKnockoutPunch Fifth floor: Tools, Guns, Super Weapons Completed The Foundry 10G