The Last Spartan is a piece of music featured in Halo 2, and is track thirteen on Volume 1 of the Halo 2 Soundtrack.

The Last Spartan is similar in composition to the Halo Theme, and indeed could be said to be the theme of Halo 2. As the name suggests, the song is the theme of the John-117, the eponymous last SPARTAN-II.

The music appears on the Halo 2 main menu, and is first played in the campaign during the cinematic at the end of Cairo Station. The song was also used in the first trailer for Halo 2, which shares many similarities with the cinematic in which it was eventually used. The vocal chorus that closes the track was used as the opening music for the main menu, in the same way that the chant at the start of the Halo Theme was used during the main menu of Halo: Combat Evolved. The chorus was repeated later, notably in Ghosts of Reach. Other elements of the piece were also later used in other parts of the soundtrack, such as a soft string variation at the start of the Mombasa Suite. Furthermore, part of The Last Spartan is played during the final moments of the campaign's last cinematic, and thus is the music that concludes the story of Halo 2.


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