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Spartan Jerome and Red Team investigate the source of a UNSC emergency signal.

The Signal is the first level in the Halo Wars 2 campaign.


The UNSC Spirit of Fire has arrived over an unknown installation after 28 years adrift. Serina, the ship's former AI, had run an AI's lifespan and had taken care of final dispensation. One silver lining, a UNSC distress beacon was received from the surface. Without an AI, the source would have to be located. Red Team, dispatched to find the beacon, come across an abandoned research base. Within they find Isabel, a new AI, and the deadly Atriox. An ensuing fight leaves Douglas-042 injured, and everyone on the run as Banished forces hunt them down. Alice-130 stays down on the surface as she covers Red Team's escape over a Light bridge.


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Icon Name Description Value
HW2 AchievementArt WakeUp Wake up Completed The Signal 10G

General strategies[]

  • Instead of following the Warthog on screen, move ahead to the markers on the route and constantly order it to move. This allows you to stay ahead of enemies and minimise damage.

Bonus objectives[]

  • There are six Grunt Squads on the escape path, so learn to anticipate their locations and use the ram ability just as they appear. If you don't, the Warthog may need to turn around to ram the Grunts, which causes extra damage from enemies in the area.
  • It is possible to complete both optional objectives on Normal by ramming five squads just as they appear while taking just below 50% damage. In the instance where two squads appear, only ram one squad because additional enemies from the portal would do too much damage to the Warthog to maintain its health above 50% by the mission end.
  • Maneuver swiftly and ignore the Grunt Squads if you wish to only complete with above 50% health.



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