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“Commander, you fool! A thousand hells await you!”
— Thel 'Lodamee, condemning Luro 'Taralumee, his Fleet Master, for preventing him from killing John-117.

Thel 'Lodamee was a Sangheili Major in the Covenant Empire during the Human-Covenant war.[1][2]


Battle of Miridem[]

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During the Battle of Miridem in 2544, 'Lodamee made his first encounter with a SPARTAN, Sheila, whom he killed. He then abducted Dr. Catherine Halsey, the progenitor of the SPARTAN-II program, and escorted her to his Fleet Master's flagship. During this raid, the rest of 'Lodamee's battalion was killed.[1][2]

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Raid on the Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence[]

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Following her capture, Halsey was secured aboard a Covenant CAS-class assault carrier, the flagship of the fleet to which 'Lodamee was assigned. The Major then reported to its Fleet Master. Eventually the fleet discovered that a team of SPARTANs were inbound toward the flagship. The Fleet Master berated 'Lodamee for surviving despite the deaths of his comrades, commenting that Thel "...[had] not the heart to die with honor." Soon, the three surviving members of the SPARTAN team, led by John-117, boarded the ship in order to rescue Dr. Halsey.

Seeing this as an opportunity to regain his honor, Thel sought to kill the SPARTANs. He and two Sangheili Minors ambushed John, Kelly, and Fred. Fred killed one of the Elites with a combat knife and held back Thel and the other Elite while John and Kelly continued to search for Dr. Halsey. Just after John found Dr. Halsey, Thel appeared and challenged the SPARTAN to an energy sword duel. Thel managed to gain the upper hand in the duel and disarmed the SPARTAN. However, just as this happened, the fleet cleared the magnetic field that had prevented them from jumping into Slipspace. The Fleetmaster separated the entire aft section of the ship and pulled Thel back to the main section just as the latter disarmed John, infuriating 'Lodamee.[2]


  • He shares the same first name with Arbiter Thel 'Vadam.
  • Despite this, however, it is possible but unlikely 'Lodamee was able to reveal his shipmaster's failure and was not executed due to redeeming himself to some degree.
  • Despite being a Sangheili Major, he fights with a sword.