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Theseus, otherwise known as the Command Mantis, is a uniquely modified H/Y Mk IX "Mantis" ADS, utilised by Jerome-092 in Halo Wars 2.[1]


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Commander Jerome can call in Theseus after the Command Mantis ability has been researched from the Armory. Once researched, an active ability will be unlocked for the Commander Jerome hero unit, which calls in Theseus. The Command Mantis is a completely separate unit from Jerome, although he can enter and pilot it, in which case it will gain the use of two missile launchers. Much like Forge's Warthog, Theseus cannot be hijacked by enemy Spartans or be piloted by anyone but Jerome. However, Theseus' missiles cannot be used at close ranges, which puts Theseus at a disadvantage when facing Goliaths or melee-type hero units - in such cases, it is usually beneficial to have Jerome disembark.[2]

Halo Wars 2Edit



Theseus is only playable if the player chooses Commander Jerome. The player is also required to upgrade Jerome and the special ability must be used in order to be summoned.

Image Energy Cost Rarity Leader Restriction
HW2 Blitz-Artwork CommanderJerome 200 Legendary Commander Jerome



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