For the SPARTAN-III commandos, see Thom-A293 or Tom-B292.
Sam! Sam! Come on, we gotta' get the hell outta' here!
— Thom witnessing Sam Marcus' last moments and talking to John-117[1]

Chief Petty Officer Thom Shephard was an Engineering Technician for the UNSC aboard the Halcyon-class light cruiser UNSC Pillar of Autumn in 2552.[1]


He, along with Tech Officer Sam Marcus, unsealed John-117 from the cryo-chamber before the Battle of Installation 04.[2] He ran the Chief through several diagnostics and tests of his MJOLNIR Mark V armor. Soon after, Captain Keyes called the Chief to the bridge of the ship. Thom then told the Chief to follow him to the bridge and rushed out the door, where he was killed by a conduit explosion in the wall.[1]


  • If the player restarts the level or checkpoint, Thom will have a different face than before.
  • There is a glitch where you can save Thom from being killed. It is quite difficult, however, and requires two players. One player must stand at the door out of which the player(s) exit the cryo chamber, so that Thom is blocked from leaving the room. Meanwhile, the other player exits the room and goes to the nearest checkpoint. If done correctly, the player blocking Thom will automatically teleport to the other player running the level as one normally would. This will delete the chunck of the map Thom is located in, thereby preventing him from getting killed.



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