Thomas Wu was a human and a victim of the Insurrection.[2]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Interview[edit | edit source]

Thomas was interviewed by Benjamin Giraud about his supposed imprisonment. He stated that he lived on Eridanus II and was abducted by rebels in a raid with thousands of others during the Insurrection. He also said he was imprisoned with many others and was constantly interrogated by the paranoid rebels, being asked questions that he could not possibly know the answers to, only further confusing him. Thomas said he was detained in these living conditions for months.[2]

He also said that the captors simply left Thomas and many more prisoners locked in the dark, small enclosure. Thomas described the overpopulation as being "packed up like sardines." He went in depth in describing how many of the prisoners died from starvation and dehydration and how their bodies began to rot, leaving a foul odor in the room. Thomas estimated that he and the other survivors were trapped in the dark room for weeks. He stated that through the teamwork of the prisoners, they eventually freed themselves from the room. He also mentioned each of the colonies safe for refugees and stated that Elysium City was an "Insurrectionist cesspool."[2]

Questioned Authenticity[edit | edit source]

A while later, Benjamin called Thomas through Waypoint to do a proper fact-check of his story. Thomas became irritable and told Ben he just wanted "peace of mind" for his family, confusing Ben. Thomas quickly began to change his frame of mind and realized that he should not be talking to Ben and ended the call with the words "Leave us alone."[3]

When Benjamin accessed an ONI database in a facility on Bliss, it was revealed that Thomas was being instructed be ONI on what to tell Benjamin in exchange for more funding for memorials and awareness campaigns for the survivors of the Insurrectionist camps such as Thomas.[4]

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Sources[edit | edit source]

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