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Thrallslayer was a high-ranking Jiralhanae Chieftain.[2] Possessing uncanny intelligence that complimented his violent nature, Thrallslayer was a dangerous foe despite his relatively small stature.[3][4] He was quite a capable tactician. In battle, he wielded a Gravity Hammer with special abilities and wore very resilient power armor.


Thrallslayer served alongside Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee under the Prophet of Regret during the Harvest Campaign.[5][6]

In 2528, Thrallslayer killed two Unggoy because his food was overdone and his dipping sauce was insufficient. The Unggoy were initially interpreted as five unidentified organic chunks strewn about his quarters.[5]

Thrallslayer accompanied 'Moramee and Regret to Shield 0459, but he evacuated the Shield World alongside the Prophet under the orders of 'Moramee, a move intended by 'Moramee to rob Thrallslayer of any potential war-glory. Ironically, 'Moramee would be killed on the Shield World, while his actions would ensure Thrallslayer's survival.[2]


He enjoys eating thorn beast, which he prefers to be cooked rare, as well hearing exaggerated tales of his adventures, told by an overweight Unggoy who serves as his official scribe.[5] During the campaign on Harvest, he grew to respect humans for their savage nature and unfailing courage in the worst of situations, but he passionately disliked Ripa 'Moramee.[1]


IMG 0795-1-

Thrallslayer as seen in-game.

Halo WarsEdit


When playing as Thrallslayer, the Chopper is available at the factory. It replaces the Ghost of the other two leaders. As well, Grunt squads are led by Brutes armed with Brute Shots, rather than by Elites. His unique unit are Brute squads, who are armed with Brute Shots.

Hero UnitEdit

  • "Inheritance": Adds passive stun ability to normal attacks.
  • "Birthright": Can pull enemies to him during combat.
  • "Destiny": Adds an area of effect stun to the chieftain's Gravity Hammer.
  • "Tsunami": Increases Vortex damage and area of effect.
  • "Hurricane": Further increases Vortex damage and area of effect.
  • "Singularity": Further increases Vortex damage and area of effect.
Hero Ability - VortexEdit

When activated, a spiraling vortex appears, tearing everything apart in range and explodes when canceled, causing additional damage.


  • He is the only playable hero unit in the game to not appear in any of the Halo Wars cinematics and is the only leader character who was unnamed.
    • His nickname would later be given in a blog post on Halo Waypoint, which confirmed that he was present during the story, but unseen.
  • He is voiced by Marc Worden.
  • His leader card is the only leader card that has an image from Halo 3, or, for that matter, any game besides Halo Wars.
  • All of his upgrades are names of extremely dangerous natural phenomena. A tsunami is a massive tidal wave, a hurricane is a cylindrical storm with winds up to hundreds of miles per hour, and a singularity is a black hole.
  • If the chieftain has the birthright upgrade, he can pull his enemies straight to him, just like Tartarus can in Halo 2 with the Fist of Rukt.




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