• "Soon after Dr. Glassman is returned to Infinity with the one half of the Janus Key, he can quickly activate it opening a map of Requiem. The details that the Key gives shows Glassman that there are two artifacts on Requiem preventing Infinity from moving, due to the slipspace anchor. However it also shows that Jul 'Mdama has discovered how to activate the device, maybe due to him holding Dr. Halsey captive, but he seems to activate a another shrine. But this shrine has a hologram of the Didact's symbol, only suggesting that the Didact may be alive or that 'Mdama is attempting to revive him."

    Unless someone has hacked the game to watch episodes not yet available, this is definately NOT mentioned in any of the current canon. Would it be okay for me to delete this particular paragraph?

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    • Yes of course. If there is no reference to the information, and you can't find any, then you may delete it. Any information posted before release is considered a leak and against policy anyway. Thanks for spotting that out :)

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