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    • Um.. no... The precursors after fleeing the Milky Way Galaxy, in order to preserve themselves, turned themselves into a power or dust. Which contained their DNA and, if used, would return them to their natural form. However, this didn't go to plan and when the dust was used, it had many "faults" in it, similar to the way we have genetic faults causing diseases such as cancer. These "faults" eventually culmonated in the creating of the Flood when the ancient Humans used this power on the Pheru. So the Precursors are the Flood, just a heavily gentically modified version.

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    • Not entirely true. After the Precurors fled the Milky Way Galaxy into the Large Magellanic Cloud, in order to preserve themselves, turned themselves into a fine dust/powder which contained all there DNA. This was intended to restore the Precursors once the powder was used. However, after years of neglect the DNA in the powder began to develop faults, the same way our DNA can develop faults and lead to deseases like cancer. Once the ancient Humans used this powder on the pet Pheru it made the Flood. Who shared all the memorys and objectives of the Precursors. So in short, in a sense the Precursors made themselves the Flood.

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    • the flood as we know it is descended from the desiccated (dried up) remains of precursors, the dust had become defective due to long term storage. when humans found the derelict ships containing the dust, they used it on a common pet species, soon the genome (genetic code) became tainted with the dusts own DNA. this lead to strange growths and abortions among the pets. the "shaping sickness", as it was called, soon spread to humans and San Shyuum, who also had taken a liking to the pets. at first the signs were minimal, a rash or odd growth, the infected humans were shunned from their homes, and as the "sickness" warped their minds, they became cannibalistic and feral.

      how the "sickness" evolved into the flood we've all come to know and hate, is unknown. no record exists of when (or if) the growths became infection forms.

      the last few precursors, realizing the potency of the "sickness", and not wishing to be exterminated like they had almost been by the Forerunners, used the "sickness" as a means of revenge.

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    • Well, based on what we know from the original Halo Trilogy, it doesn't necessary have to be true that the Precursor are the Flood, as the terminals you can read actually say that the Forerunner were space hippies because they "inherited the mantle" from the Precursor. Therefore, there didn't actually have to be a war and a power struggle. 

      However in the new books, the Mantle is in fact an ideology by the Forerunners to legitimize their supremacy and to keep the Human race down. They wrestled this position from the Precursor rather than it having been passed down to them. 

      I personally do not consider the new books canon (as they aren't written by the original staff) and lean more to the Forerunners' interpretation 

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