• The first choice adventure I did was actually quite successful, but, regretfully, I let it die. This is my attempt at a second one, which I intend to keep alive until the end of the story.

    A choice adventure is a game in which the host (me) narrates a story based on votes cast by contributors. I'll update the story when certain conditions are met, such as a minimum number of people having voted or a certain amount of time having passed.

    Try not to waste thread space with irrelevant replies; ask for clarification in parenthesis.

    Setting: Surface of Chi Ceti IV - July 10th, 2558

    Protagonist: Spartan Renée Thompson, Fireteam Cascade

    Chapter 1: Renée was standing on a watchtower and using a scanner to examine various non-humans in the crowd below. Behind her, a marine operated some machinery.

    "Report any aliens that look suspicious," a voice said through the fireteam channel.

    "They all look suspicious to me," another voice said.

    "Yeah? Well don't tackle another Elite unless you're sure. The Covenant are doing us a favor here; we just need to find the one split-jaw that's a mole for the Remnant."

    Spartan Thompson's scanner highlighted several Sangheili in the crowd. She glanced at her silenced M395 DMR before focusing on the scanner again.

    "Thompson? Anything?"

    "There are a few guys in my sights," she replied.


    A) Zero in on the Sangheili standing on a balcony, alone

    B) Zero in on the Sangheili arguing with a food vendor

    C) Zero in on the Sangheili hauling a large metal container

    D) Zero in on the Sangheili leaving the plaza

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