• I know the whole Halo on PC discussion is pretty damn old, but Microsoft have released some Halo side games recently, and I read an article┬áthat stated that Microsoft still have the idea, of Halo games on PC, at the back of their minds. I mean, with Windows 10 coming out and all, and Microsoft wanting to create more of an ecosystem between their products... Got me thinking, wouldn't one giant port to PC be pretty cool? Like "Halo: PC Edition" (arbitrary name, I know, but you get the point). Similar to something like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, except for PC.

    I know this would probably entail a lot of work that they're not willing to go through right now (although, personally, I don't know how much work really goes into porting a game). I also know that there are rumours about the The Master Chief Collection coming to PC, but as soon as a site says "Sources claim..." I tend to dismiss it.

    Anyway, anyone heard anything else related to this?

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