• This is purely out of my own head, but does anyone have an idea for a scenario/series of events that could possibly cause a second Human-Covenant war?

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    • The arbitors trust in humanity leads to oni causing sangheili extinction and then they seek to wipe out the rest of the former covenant races. This leads to the rest of the galaxy teaming up to combat their common foe.

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    • to cause a second human covenant would be caused by oni and humanity would most likely be driven into extinction. i believe that oni would try to use the spartans to go to war against what is left of the covernat races as revenge for the damage they did to humanity during the human-covennat war the sangheili would survive the start of this war of vengenace by humanity uplift lesser races and send them towards the now powerful humanity the outcome is unknown to this second human-covenant war the two outcomes are humanity wins and all the covenant races are driven into extincition or humanity is this is just my personal opinion  

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