• I need to find a place to put basic documentation for Halo 5 Forge Scripting. This would include general info and, most importantly, descriptions for all the Conditions and Actions we have to script with.

    We might be able to expand it with explanations for general systems (like messaging, numbers, movement, etc) and useful mechanisms (recipes).

    I have the documentation completed for the pre-Monitor's Bounty scripting, but all the new important stuff needs to be added. No one has this content anywhere, not even 343i. Sites like Waypoint and Forgehub didn't make good places for the info.

    So is it ok to add scripting docs here, or does that not really mesh with what Halo Nation is shooting for?

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    • Sorry for the (very) late reply - I only saw this now. This is an interesting idea, and we should definitely do something like it. I'm not sure about how specific we could get (i.e. we couldn't have 'how to create a working clock in Halo 5's forge), but documenting each command, what it does and how it interacts with the targets given would be a good idea.

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