• One thing I realised about this Wiki is the lack of security of pages because anybody can edit the pages without signing in.

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    • That's actually the whole purpose of a wiki: it's an encyclopedia that anyone can edit! Wikipedia is the same way.

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    • Because in some other Wikis such as Narutopedia, the One Piece Wiki, the Attack on Titan Wiki and the Assassin’s Creed Wiki you need to log in order to be able to edit the content inside.

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    • FANDOM gives us the option to turn anonymous edits on or off. It's up to the administration of a given wiki if and when they would like to use that option.

      Typically, at Halo Nation, we would only disallow anonymous edits in extenuating circumstances, such as if we were being vandalized from multiple IP addresses and couldn't realistically block them all.

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