• This is what I would like:

    1. Playable Elites, Brutes, and Promethean soldiers
    2. Classic gameplay.
    3. No REQs or at least make them like the credit system from Halo Reach.
    4. LAN support
    5. FIREFIGHT!!!!
    6. Bring back Warzone and add some new gamemodes like Warzone CTF or Warzone Infection where you fight off waves of Flood and whoever dies gets to respawn in the next round.
    7. Large maps like Valhalla and Blood Gulch.
    8. Remakes of old maps like Guardian, High Ground, Last Resort, ETC that are dev made.
    9. Vehicles in Slayer
    10. Less armor that looks very different and recognizable. Also have armor be unlocked by completing challenges like earning all the achievements in the game or beating the campaign on legendary.
    11. Halo Reach style customization and the ability to customize your HUD.
    12. Darker maps like in the Halo 5 Beta.
    13. Bots

    1. Old art style. Since 343 likes to give "Lore Reasons", they could say that Cortana EMP'd everything which makes Spartan IV armor not work anymore so they would have to use old armor from Halo 3. Also, if 343 brings back classic Halo then they could say that the older armor is heavier than the new armor so it would make the Spartans slower and make it harder to sprint.
    2. Character deaths. If there were character deaths are in Halo 6, it would make the game more emotional. Also, if 343 had Cortana kill Linda or Kelly it would make Master Chief want to avenge her by stopping Cortana. It would make him think "She needs to be stopped!"
    3. Fighting on The Ark and Installation 04C.
    4. Return of the classic soundtracks. I would also like to see "117" and "This Armor" return.
    5. Better Ai. Enemies should be running around, dodging bullets, running into cover and dodging grenades. They shouldn't be just standing there like bullet sponges like in Halo 5. I would also like to see when an enemy gets shot, they should be knocked back or maybe have a hole in their armor.
    6. More blood. Have lots of blood effects like in Halo 3. Something I think would be cool is if you melee and enemy up close, blood would splatter on to your VISOR.
    7. Add more Promethean vehicles. Instead of having them just teleport into the level, they can have their own dropship which disassembles itself and reassembles itself into Promethean soldiers. Also, if you shoot of some parts it makes less Promethean soldiers to fight. I would also like to see a Promethean equivalent to the warthog and scorpion.
    8. Simple story. I shouldn't have to read a book or watch a TV show to know who characters are. Just give them short and simple backstories in the game and then write books going more in depth on who the character is.
    9. More destruction. Nothing satisfies players more than watching phantoms exploding into pieces or scarabs exploding. Also the phantoms should explode similar to the way they do in Halo 3 where you can walk inside the wreckage and all look the damage you've done.
    10. More vehicle assaults and large open levels like Halo from Halo CE and The Ark from Halo 3.
    11. Equipment from Halo 3.
    12. Marines that look militarized. Marines with their green armor and their rank on their arms would make them look like actual soldiers.
    13. Space battles.

    1. AI in Forge
    2. Forgeable Firefight maps.
    3. Pelicans and phantoms in Forge.
    I know that 343 can't add everything in this list into Halo 6 but hopefully they take some of it into consideration.

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    • Give this man a beer.

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    • Freds armor. That is all I want.

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    • Flood survivial mode. That is all I need. Plus the Katana skin again.

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    • Kill off Arbiter or Halsey emotionally and kill off Locke and possibly Palmer quickly before cutting to the next scene, preferrably early on in the game. Have maybe some actual rogue spartans who Chief or Arby could fight. Use Atriox and give him more awesome moments than just breaking someone's helmet and letting them get away, then hiding for the rest of the game, and expand upon his potential. Tell us more about the Precursors. Make it a dark and very long campaign. Bring in Yap Yap the Destroyer. And finally, if this is the final game, show John's face completely, and finish his character arc from Halo 4. Also, you got that Promethean idea from Halofollower, didn't you? That is what I'd want from the campaign. As for the multiplayer, I think they're all fine, but a Reach-type multiplayer would probably be best, or 3. I honestly don't usually play multiplayer on Halo though, but I can definitely stand up for FIREFIGHT.

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    • Brutes, classic art style, Halo 3 multiplayer, Reach armor customization, Reach forge and a campaign like halo 3, Reach or 4

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    • Or 2

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    • Yes, We need another Campaign like Halo 2, Just without another character to play as. it was challenging and all-round fun to play.

      what i want is

      1.Halo Reach Customization

      2.Halo 3 Magnums (OP but still Balanced)

      3.Halo 5 Assault Rifles (Best looking Assault Rifle in my opinion)

      4.No Prometheans or Flood

      5.More ODST's (honestly the ODST's are my favorite faction)

      6.No Spartan Locke or Palmer or any of their team

      7.Campaign As Good as Halo 2's

      8.Playable Elites

      9.No Microtransactions & Multiplayer that is a mixture of Halo 3's And Halo Reach's with No Ground Pound,Sliding,Or Armor Lock (Keep ADS & Sprint Though)

      10.Add more Dependence on Vehicles than Sprint.

      11.The old Funny Grunts & More Marines

      12.PELICANS IN FORGE & Actual AI in forge

      13.More City-based Maps like New Mombasa.

      14.Falcons Make A return

      we'll probably never get these though because of how fucking stupid 343 is. :(

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    • nah, get rid o sprint, and keep flood in small doses. My favorite missions are the ones fighting in between the Flood and the Covenant in fact. Also, old Elite and Grunt style. And I wouldn't mind keeping Buck.

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    • Didn't they already release halo 6 two months ago?

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    • U mean Fireteam Raven, the arcade game?

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    • i like the article creators ideas except the idea about killing off linda and no mention of tons of easter eggs

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    • I may have just been confused.

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      • Bigger maps, more excuses to use vehicles on both SP and MP and slower gameplay like classic Halo.
      • No thrusters. No sprint. Walking on foot should be slow so that vehicles can be more viable MP. I like Yhipz's EMP blast excuse but I'd like to see a more permanent change.
      • Fewer standard-sized rifles. They are unmemorable and look the same. Weapons like plasma rifle or needler give the game more flavor, storm rifles and DMRs don't IMO.
      • Fewer microtransactions, fewer but more memorable MP armor sets. Helmets having orange tinted glass only.
      • Retire as many old characters as possible and set the foundations for new ones. Keeping Chief, Cortana and a few others around for the sake of popularity makes the story less believable. Bring closure to their stories.
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    • ah yes, and bring back plasma rifles.

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    • Plasma rifles?.... I.... I remember plasma rifles.

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    • 1. Scarabs, pelicans, and phantoms in forge along with some of the other veicles in past halo games(shadow, spectre, chopper etc).

      2. Reach customization and currency. And I'm sorry to say this but I don't want armor you have to earn achievments as the achievments now kinda suck and aren't worth getting IMO. 

      3. Ai/scripting in forge 

      4. Better/funny dialougue in the enemies and allies. 

      5. playable races of the enemies(covenant, flood, promethians etc)

      6. ODSTs need to be brought back 

      7. Customizable assassination animations that can be bought with in game curency.

      8. If armor abilities are coming back make it like reach where it is optional to take or use it and NOT make it as a necessity. 

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    • Yeah I feel like if they add older halo styles like halo 3 people will enjoy it definitely old covenant styles I miss the old halo and kill the arbiter he betrayed the prophet of regret

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    • a remake of sandtrap! 

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    • maybe a covanant shotgun and light machine gun

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    • halo 6 isn't going to happen.

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    • yeah its halo infanite 

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    • wrote: Yeah I feel like if they add older halo styles like halo 3 people will enjoy it definitely old covenant styles I miss the old halo and kill the arbiter he betrayed the prophet of regret

      The Prophet was bad, the Covenant are gone, who would kill him off?

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    • Lose the parmethians, and bring back the flood. And the Halo Ring. I missed it that way.

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    • Sorry, I meant Promethians

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    • yes 

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    • Since 343 likes retconning so much, I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see Noble Six make an appearance.

      But in all seriousness, it would be nice to see Spartan Thorne, Jun, and Romeo once again.

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    • Dreux Phoenix wrote: Since 343 likes retconning so much, I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see Noble Six make an appearance.

      But in all seriousness, it would be nice to see Spartan Thorne, Jun, and Romeo once again.

      343i has a history of bringing back old canon, not retconning old canon. Bungie tried to retcon a lot of expanded universe material during their tenure. The best example being their well-known hatred for Eric Nylund's Halo: Fall of Reach which was written in 2001 at Microsoft's request but without Bungie support, they developed Halo: Reach 10 years later as their replacement for Halo: Fall of Reach. Noble Six and the rest of Noble Team with exception to Jun-A266 is dead, completely gone.

      Spartan Throne makes appearances in several Halo comic series, Halo: Escalation and Tales from Slipspace. Jun and Romeo appear in the Halo novels, Halo: New Blood and Bad Blood. Thorne was also supposed to be on Fireteam Osiris but because his actor had a different project, he was written out and replaced by Edward Buck because Nathan Fillion was avaliable.

      It is seriously doubtful that any of these characters will be in Halo Infinite, there isn't any reason for them to be there - especially when the game is supposed to focus specifically on the Master Chief.

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    • Side characters and support characters would be how these characters come back into the front. Whether it is a major role in somemission, or a small cameo such as how Edward Buck had a minor role in Halo Reach.

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    • A really good campaign mode.

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    • huh? abstrakt?

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    • Yeah, I haven’t seen u in ages. Do u like halo? (Btw I can’t go on to wiki anymore it won’t load on my iPad that’s why I haven’t been active in forever)

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    • i love halo!

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    • Me two!

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    • and it is nice to see you again!

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    • U two!

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    • A FANDOM user
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