• Hi I got halo wars 2 a few months ago when they added it onto game pass, and, before I get it, I would just like to know how good is the awakening the nightmare dlc, just to make sure I’m getting something really good.

    Also, no spoilers plz.


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    • In my opinion, it's worth the price. You get an extra campaign with 5 levels, revolving around efforts of two Banished warlords, Pavium and Voridus, as they attempt to push back a Flood outbreak. The story is pretty bare bones, but it's passable nonetheless.

      It also contains a new multiplayer gamemode, Terminus Firefight, which is kind of like a tower defense mode. Additionally, you get Pavium and Voridus as multiplayer leaders, who are pretty fun to use.

      Essentially, it's just more Halo Wars 2, which IMO, is no bad thing.

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    • I honestly knew about what the DLC basically has to offer, and I kinda accidentally spoiled some of the story, but I didn’t spoil too much of it, which is probably a good thing.

      thanks for your opinion!

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