• So, as many of you will have heard, Microsoft have recently taken action against a fan-made Halo project called ElDewrito. The project's aim was to use a leaked version of the cancelled game Halo Online to create a classic, Halo 3-esque PC Halo experience. ElDewrito was recently updated to 0.6, and had garnered a significant following since then, which was what brought the project to Microsoft's attention.

    In addition to the action taken against ElDewrito itself, Microsoft issued DMCA takedown notices to several streamers who had played the game previously. Since then, 343 Industries have stated:

    Because ElDewrito is built upon Microsoft-owned Halo Online content that was never lawfully released or authorized for this purpose, streaming or building content from the mod could result in action taken against your account. While we are working with streaming/video platforms and would like to avoid outright bans and negative strikes, you are putting yourself at risk and we do not recommend creating or distributing content around ElDewrito/Halo Online.

    In order to avoid such action being taken against Halo Alpha, the administration would like to remind users that the wiki is meant to document official Halo material - which ElDewrito is not. Images from and information about the project should not be placed on the wiki. All Halo Online images should be from the original alphas and betas that were only available in Russia, as well as officially released screenshots and promotional material.

    Furthermore, we understand that many people will be upset by these events. We'd like to take this opportunity to say that we do not condone harassing any individuals at 343 Industries or Microsoft over this issue. Any instances of harassment that occur on Halo Alpha's social features will be dealt with harshly, as per the Chat Policy.


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