• The grunts we see today are slightly redundant due to their appearance and behavior and because of that they don’t exactly give of the iconic feel of the good old goons we see in other video games, movies and tv shows and as for that, they don’t exactly give a medium amount of a threat regardless of rank in Covenant Military. If I was a developer in 343 Industries, I would make the model of the Grunts to be a bit more taller, almost to the point where an average adult  Unggoy faces straight forward to the average adult, between the chest and neck area, straighten  up their body structure with the addtion of the legs fixed in to the krotch bone, making the arms a little more long and slightly bulkier with the fingers less thin and Zerg-like and more organic and reptile like, and finally making the head shape of the model a bit more oval-circled shaped with a flat nose, very small ear holes, black, yellow, red and grey eyes, accompanied by variable, in between pitch based voices with a mechanical sound, therefore making them a worthy, yet easy to normally take down opponents. Their behavior and characteristics would be of moderate intelligence, fair will, headstrong, brave and half the time creative on the field as they might have, still having the same social level like humans, being loyal to the end in any scenario. They will also weld new weapons based on what sized they are because of their physical changes. They Unngoy will still be one of the client races in the Covenant to have certain ranks to command other client races in the military even other Unggoy as well. With their human-like mentality they will show respect and loyalty to the Sangheili but they will show loyalty but not respect to the Jiralhanae or the Ruutian  jackals. So, do you like this idea?

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    • No. They are like the current versions as 343i wanted their own designs and they are called Grunts because of they’re cowardly behavior, appearance, their voices, and the weakness.

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