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    Thank you for taking the time today to look over my nomiantion and I hope I can shed some insight into why I feel I might be the right person for the role. I understand, in the past - I have not been a worthy user of this title or responsibility. We all know I had my fair share of problems but I would like to add, this was around five years ago and an awful lot has changed since then.

    I've changed a lot and matured an awful lot more, I've taken on the responsibility of Image Controller and have handled those rights without any problem and I'm asking now, as a member of your community for seven years, to trust me. I've got a lot of experience under my belt and with Halo Nation/Halopedia merger looking more and more likely, I really do feel I could stay behind here and help in anyway I can.

    Since then, I've started volunteering for FANDOM on a global level and have developed a real sense of passion for the communities I volunteer to help. I have also edited the Wiki mainspace and filespace for 7 years, reverting edits and keeping the place clean and becoming an image controller and doing work there. Like today for example, I created a new category and filtered images into it.

    I've answered the questions below to give more of an insight into why I feel I could be a good choice.

    Many thanks.

     TheRequiemEmpire UNSC Emblem. 22:18, January 22, 2019 (UTC)

    Questions: 1) What do you believe are your most valued contributions to Halo Nation? I feel that whilst I've been around for 7 years, my best contributions have been ensuring little things and undoing bad edits. For example: Fixing AI inconsistencies and ERA templates. I have also become a image controller and have been sorting out images.

    2) If you are promoted, what (if any) changes do you propose? After the recent vote and judging by how it's currently going - I feel that I could help stay behind when others move over, ensuring the Wiki is kept up free from vandalism/spam.

    3) To the best of your understanding, what does the rank you are applying for entail? Delivering what the community needs, wants and expects. Ensuring we do not fall behind others, making sure our site remains vandal/spam free and encouraging user engagement and quality. I wish to use the tools (if granted to me) to do exactly those things.

    4) How frequently do you visit Halo Nation or its Discord server? In the past, my activity has been inconsistent - that I understand. There had been a lot going on in my life that distracted me from things. Those "distractions" are now gone, I've been coming onto Wikia as often as possible, becoming very active on my Wiki's that I've contributed on, like today for example I done just under 50 edits.

    5) Do you have any experience in other communities that you could draw upon to assist you in your role? Yes, I've been an Admin on several Wiki's for a few years, I also volunteer for FANDOM as a Global Discussions Moderator and councilor. I feel I have the right abilities and mindset to be qualified for the role.

    6) What is your familiarity with the Halo universe and franchise? I love Halo, just recently finished and replayed Halo: Reach and Halo: 4. My opinion on 343 is actually quite high (very unpopular opinon, I know). I'm excited about the rest of the reclaimer series.

    7) What is your familiarity with FANDOM and Halo Nation policies? Kind of answered above but I am a GDM and a councilor for FANDOM and work very closely with FANDOM staff, I've been on Halo Nation for over 7 years.

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    • According to the current rules, users cannot nominate themselves, so I am closing this thread pending a discussion about how admin nominations on this wiki will be handled in the event that the merger proceeds as proposed.

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