• Hello everyone!

    I come to you today, not as an administrator but as your fellow community member.

    Following the split from Halo Nation and us now becoming Halo Alpha, we have a chance to rebuild an exciting and vibrant community.

    Starting off with a new theme. We hope you like it! Forerunner-esq.

    We have a brand new and exciting opportunity to rebuild this community. It always starts with little things. Such as:

    • Welcoming new members, personally.
    • Encouraging people to visit us in forums and chat.
    • Recognising peoples efforts.
    • Giving help and support, wherever possible and where possible; assuming good faith.

    Following the split, we have reintroduced the built in Wiki Chat feature. This used to be an excellent way for the community to come together and get to know one another - as well as getting one to one support - as well as making good friends and getting to know your fellow community members. You can join the chat by clicking the "Join the chat" icon near the top of the Wiki on the right hand side or by clicking this link

    We are lucky to have some administrators remain on the site after the merge. One of them being Sgt D Grif and you can always go to them for any level of support. I'm also here to help in any way I can but if it is something not within my permission set, I will need to redirect you.

    Many thanks for sticking around and let's do this!

    TheRequiemEmpire 20:14, March 20, 2019 (UTC)

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    • But... Why?

      This defeats the entire point of the joining.

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    • That's a great question! Because when people left to go to Halopedia, could not be removed. A merger has happened in the past and we managed to rebuild the community. There are some who will come by and decide they like it/want to stick around and a new community will create itself.

      I personally am staying behind on Halo Alpha because I prefer the way fandom works and operates - not an opinion shared by everyone - I understand that but for the people like me, this place provides that.

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    • Sgt D Grif
      Sgt D Grif removed this reply because:
      personal attack
      23:22, March 26, 2019
      This reply has been removed
    • A FANDOM user
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