• So, I have a question about the Elites in Halo Wars (1), there is a cutscene where a Sanghelli uses two Energy swords, one in each hand, although it is a fast scene, I wonder if this is something common, I I did not read so many books in the saga, I read the comics more and I never saw anything like this, so I was in doubt if they really do this commonly and wonder why they do not do it anymore.      0:46

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    • It is not a common thing. Your most likely reffering to the current arbiter of that period previously know as Ripa 'Moramee. Most elites are about seven foot, but he towers above the rest. He is also physically stronger than most, his size and strength potentially being the factor that allows him to wield two of them efficiently. Besides this, the Sangheli may thiink one who wields two energy swords is somehow boastful, arrogant, or dishonorable. Ripa being the arbiter, a rank held by those without honor, would mean such displays didn't make much of difference in his life. 

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