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“An enemy behind every tree!”
— Timberland's description

Timberland is a multiplayer map exclusive to Halo PC.


It features two, two-story bases (nearly identical to those in Sidewinder, but with some subtle differences) separated by steep hills, trees and a small creek. In general the map is very symmetric, which makes Timberland one of Halo PC's best maps for CTF or Assault.

The map has several control points and many aspects which suit it for competitive games. Along with an Overshield in the middle sitting on an island in the creek, it has an Active camouflage on either side and one inside the small waterfall(much like in Beaver Creek). The symmetry of Timberland makes it a balanced map. In terms of weapons with the gametype weapon settings on normal, four Sniper Rifles spawn, two Rocket launchers, and two Fuel Rod Guns each of these weapons spawn opposite to their counterparts with respect to the Overshield in the center of the map. The level also does not have any teleporters, making for more intense gameplay.


  • In just about every Timberland multiplayer game, there are three types of strategies that are played out all of the time. There are the people who charge right at the other base, people who run around the perimeter of the map, to take the enemy from the side, and there is almost always a sniper in the bases (built similarly to the bases in Sidewinder) or behind specially placed rocks on the hills.
  • The entire map is ideal for hiding on foot from vehicles. Trees are especially good places to hide and not be noticed. Likewise, if you are in a vehicle, watch for ambushes or other dangers popping out from the surrounding forest.
  • The base of the Waterfalls where mist rises are great spots to hide in, as visibility from the outside is greatly reduced. This location is also prime for Snipers.



Easter Egg[]

  • On team slayer, with friendly fire off, get in a Ghost and go up the hill on the left of blue base. Get out of the Ghost and let a teammate get it. Then, have the teammate drive into you. You should go past the invisible wall. Then go left towards the corner of the area, behind some trees is DMM 2003. DMM 2003 stands for David M. Mertz (DMM) and the year Halo PC came out (2003).
    185px-DMM 2003

    DMM 2003.


  • While not exactly a glitch, it is possible to go up to the hills in a Ghost. Be sure to move quickly at the last moment lest you fall off! If done right, you can go all the way up, giving you a wonderful sniper spot. If you happen to be seen, simply crouch behind the small ledge.