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Tom-B292 is a SPARTAN-III Supersoldier. Orphaned by the Covenant when his homeworld was glassed, he joined the SPARTAN-III program at age six in 2539 in order to get revenge.


He was trained by Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose and Senior Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez for six years. Tom, along with Lucy-B091, Adam-B004 and Min-B174, became "Team Foxtrot,"[2] one of the organised SPARTAN-III combat teams.

Operation: TORPEDO[]

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They were sent on Operation: TORPEDO when they were only 12 years old; the young Spartans were ordered to destroy a Covenant refinery on Pegasi Delta. As the Spartans faced superior enemy forces, they were wiped out, but Fireteam Foxtrot managed to reach the inside of the refinery. Only Lucy-B091 and Tom-B292 survived the fight.[3]

Battle of Onyx[]

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Despite Colonel Ackerson's wish to have Tom for his own private operations,[4] Tom returned to Onyx, where he helped to train the Spartan-III Gamma Company alongside Lucy, Chief Mendez, and Kurt until the year 2552 when the Battle of Onyx occurred. He fought valiantly alongside his fellow Spartans to defend the shield world. When ordered by Lieutenant Commander Ambrose to enter the rift to the shield world, he refused saying that he would be court-martialed before he would leave Kurt's side. Kurt then knocked him out with a blow to the underside of his helmet and ordered Lucy to take the unconscious Spartan with her into the shield world. He and Lucy were the last Spartans to leave the battle, surviving through Kurt's sacrifice.

Shield World[]

Tom returned to consciousness inside the Micro Dyson Sphere. Things became complicated as the group sought a way out of the Sphere. After only four hours in the shield world, Lucy-B091 disappeared into a second compressed space rift, giving Tom more cause for angst, on top of an increasingly tense relationship between Dr. Halsey and CPO Mendez. The Spartans become partitioned between SPARTAN-IIs and SPARTAN-IIIs. After much hunting and exploring, Lucy reappeared with the Huragok Prone To Drift. The Engineer allowed them communication outside to Admiral Parangosky, who coordinated with the UNSC Port Stanley to pick up the group once the Sphere expanded into normal space. The Sphere expanded into a solid globe with a diameter the size of Earth's orbit. The group was then freed and returned to the outside world.