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Toys are a group of items in the Forge mode; introduced in Halo 3 and sectionized in Halo: Reach. There are only 6 items: the Kill Ball, a golf ball, a soccer ball, a tin cup, a die, and A 7-wood. If the player were to use a Killball, the area inside the Killball would be instant death, unless set to invulnerable.

Kill BallEdit


This is one of the Toys,the KillBall.

The Kill Ball from Halo 3. There are 10 Kill Balls, and if stood in, they are an instant kill.

Golf BallEdit


Two Items,The 7-wood,And The Golfball.

The Golf ball,a returning item from Halo 3, can be moved with a Gravity Hammer, Energy Sword, or just a plain melee.