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Corporal Travis, callsign 3 Charlie 6, was a trooper in the UNSC Army during the Fall of Reach.[1]


On July 24th, 2552 his unit, 3 Charlie, was one of the first to engage Covenant forces on Reach, at Visegrád. Early on in the battle Travis activated a distress beacon, broadcasting that his unit was outnumbered by Covenant forces and taking casualties. Noble Team were the first to respond to Corporal Travis' distress call and upon their arrival, assisted in defending the area from Covenant attack, after which Travis and his men were evacuated via the Falcon Charlie 2 sent by Jun-A266.


  • He was voiced by Ron Livingston in a cameo appearance.
  • His character is somewhat similar to Private Chips Dubbo in that he appears in most other levels as a generic Trooper.
  • His blood type is O+ according to his right shoulder plate. This blood type is common among Troopers and ODSTs and is the most common blood type for most human
  • Just like other Army troopers in Winter Contingency, Travis has darker arms and Elbow Covering.
  • Besides the dead troopers you see earlier in the level, he is the first known Army trooper to appear in Halo: Reach.