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The logo of Traxus Heavy Industries.

Traxus Heavy Industries is a human industrial company. One of the largest human industrial businesses, it was ubiquitous on Earth as well as Reach.[1][2]


Fall of Reach[]

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During the Evacuation of New Alexandria, the Traxus Tower would act as the main evacuation point for the city.[2]

Battle of Earth[]

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During the Battle of Tsavo, John-117 would clear out the occupied Traxus Factory Complex 09 on his way to destroying a Type-27 Anti-Aircraft Cannon. After it was destroyed, the Indulgence of Conviction would crash into the facility, releasing Flood into the area.[3]


In 2558, Traxus had an advertising campaign in Pilvros, New Carthage.[4]


The company utilized HuCiv HC1500 trucks for ground transport.[5]


Traxus manufactured several different industrial vehicles including the Komodo, the S-2 Traxus Cargo Transporter, and the SL-4 Traxus Cargo Transporter.



Unnamed Facilities[]

There were also unnamed buildings owned by Traxus in Kikowani and Mbaraki, New Mombasa.[6]

There was an unnamed skyscraper owned by Traxus in Noctus on Andesia.[7]


  • The company's name could be a reference to Traxus IV, an AI that went rampant in the Marathon series.
  • In Halo 3, Traxus has been seen on the cargo crates, similar to the way COBB Industries was referenced on crates in Halo 2. Based on these appearances, it is probably some form of shipping or transport company, or perhaps manufacturing.
  • Bungie insider backstory: Traxus is SUXART spelled backwards. After repeated denied attempts to get 'Askloun' into the game, Traxus was the second attempt to sneak something sophmoric into the canon. Askloun did make it into a multiplayer map, but you'll never find it, even though it's in the open.[8]


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