The Trigger Trick is a trick that allows you to continue a part of a level without enemies.

In order to do the trick, you will need two people for this. On the Halo: CEA level "Assault on the Control Room," you need to go out on the first bridge.

On your left there is a Shade, if you jump off the left side of the platform you should reach a ledge which slopes down. Go down there until you reach the bottom. Now, you must take it in turns of falling down, if you aim for the slopes you will survive.

When you survive and you reach the bottom you would have missed a trigger thus meaning there will be no enemies and the Banshee at the far back is possible to get into. After you get that you can fly to where the first Banshee is and get that, and so, you and your friend can fly in Banshees.


  • You can also set up various stuff for yourself if you want to continue doing the level with triggers.
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