Triple Kill is a Halo 3 multiplayer achievement. It is obtained when the player gets a Triple Kill (three consecutive kills within four seconds of each other) in a ranked free-for-all playlist. This achievement grants 5 gamerpoints to the player. It also unlocks the chest piece for the Elite Commando Armor Permutation.

The achievement is represented by a steel-colored medal with three light-blue stars arranged in a triangular formation.


  • An easy way of getting the achievement is to, during any match with Energy Swords, grab an Energy Sword, get on top of a high structure, and jump and surprise the large battles on the ground floor. Tip: Only lunge when there is roughly a ten-foot distance between you and your targets, or if the Reticle turns red.
  • If you are playing King of the Hill on The Pit (or Pit Stop), man one of the turrets and wait until others charge the hill.
  • A good way to get this achievement on Construct is to get a powerful weapon (such as the Energy Sword) and camp at the top of the central lift. Lots of people will fly up the lift, and another bunch of people come in through the hallways.
  • One effective method would be to wait with the Oddball near elevators (such as the main one on Construct) and instantly kill all the players who will try to kill you.


  • It is possible to unlock two achievements at once. If a Triple Kill is accomplished with an Energy Sword, the player will unlock both the Triple Kill and Steppin' Razor achievements, and if a fourth player is killed, the Overkill achievement can also be obtained. On certain maps, other objects like the Mongoose or the Shotgun can be used to get a second achievement.

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