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The Troop Deployment Pod is an extension which can be attached to a Pelican-class dropship's overhang to increase its passenger load capacity.


Troop deployment pods are mainly used when a Pelican must transport a large number of personnel or supplies which exceed the craft's normal payload capacity. They are also used when personnel simply will not fit inside the craft's troop bay, the so-called "Blood Tray."[1] In addition to transporting personnel, the troop deployment pod may be able to host two more Mongooses as well as an AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun, a M247 General Purpose Machine Gun, or a 25mm grenade launcher facing out the rear entrance.[citation needed]

Possible UsesEdit

  • At the end of the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, the SPARTAN-IIs were able to evacuate a group of surviving civilians as well as Corporal Harland's squad and the remaining Marines from the Alpha Headquarters.[2] Including the SPARTANs, this would make a total of 46 people, which a normal Pelican cannot ferry.
  • A troop deployment pod was likely used to carry the 75 children conscripted for the SPARTAN-II Program, as such a number of people, even children, would not normally fit inside a Pelican's troop bay.[3]


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