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The Kenyan Savannah overrun by Loyalists

Covenant forces above the The Artifact.

Tsavo is a region in Kenya in the East African Protectorate in Africa on Earth.


Tsavo is located 168 kilometers from Mombasa, and about 26 km north of Voi, Kenya. Tsavo is also a railway crossing for the Uganda railway over the Tsavo River, which comes down from Mount Kilimanjaro. The river in the north goes all the way to the coast, around a hundred kilometers north of Mombasa. The Tsavo Highway, also known as A23, links the towns of Voi and Taveta, as well as cities such as Arusha beyond the Tanzanian border. There are also checkpoints such as Checkpoint 4 and Checkpoint 8 along the highway. The highway terminates at the town of Voi, at the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway. The Global Water Campaign's GWC Trans-African Pipelines travel along the highway, carrying water to the entire continent. By the 26th century, a large artificial ocean inlet had been built south of Tsavo, on the edge Voi, to transport cargo from the industrial facilities in the region all the way to Mombasa and the Indian Ocean. Tsavo also housed a large national park, the largest nature reserve east of Nairobi.[1]

Battle of EarthEdit

1225628143 Tsavohighwaybroken

The broken Highway, with New Mombasa's orbital elevator scattered across the hills.

When the New Mombasa Orbital Elevator collapsed during the Battle of Mombasa, debris from the elevator rained down many kilimeters south of the Tsavo region. During the Battle of Tsavo, John-117 traveled across Tsavo Highway, heading north-east towards Voi. While traveling along the highway, Spartan-117 found it to be grievously damaged, with several parts on the verge of collapse. The reservoir had been excavated revealing the Portal to the Ark. Tsavo Highway was scattered with UNSC and Covenant forces during the evacuation of Crow's Nest, but were rounded up or killed, respectively, by SPARTAN-117.


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