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Tundra is a Halo Wars multiplayer map.[1][2] It is set on snowy terrain, featuring three craters and a frozen lake.


It is a snowy and rocky map with large impact craters from crashed ships. This map features a single Mega Turret in the center of the map. This turret can provide an advantage when attacking your enemy's base.


  • Because of the amount of cliffs and craters on the map, it is advisable to use Air units to recon sections of the map.
  • If possible, you should use infantry to capture the Mega Turret in the center. There is, however, a large garrison of Rebel troops defending it, so sending just one unit to capture it is ill-advised.
  • If fired, the Mega Turret can destroy two Blessed Warehouses by firing directly between the two, or a Temple with a centered shot.
  • The easiest way to capture the Mega-Turret in a standard game with the UNSC is to build up 6-8 flamethrowers and a marine squad. Use the flashbang ability to stun the Rebels. Then use the marines to garrison the Mega Turret.
  • If your enemy has a  vehicle or infantry-based force, it is advisable to take the sniper towers with barriers and halt their forward progress. When they try and attack your units in the towers, you can send reinforcements to deal with the attacking forces.
  • Unless you are looking for a drawn-out fight or are in desperate need of an extra source of supplies, you should probably ignore the bases to the far left and right of your starting base. However, forces coming from one of the bases have an almost straight shot at their enemy's home base.
  • The base adjacent to your starting base should be taken early, because it can provide a source of supplies (by building Supply Pads/Warehouses) and troops, however this will also leave you vulnerable to an enemy's rush.
  • A single MAC blast and a shot from the Mega Turret will destroy a Covenant Keep.


  • The Rebels around the Mega Turret are all 3 Stars; they can kill 2 un-upgraded scorpion tanks.
  • The Mega Turret was only included in the map because it was seen in campaign. At one point during development, the Mega Turret was removed from the campaign and was then of this removed from the map. It was later re-added to the game as seen now.