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Sergeant Twyker is a Non-Commissioned Officer in the UNSC Marine Corps.[1]


Early Military Career[]

Twyker attended boot camp at Cyrus Seven. There, he trained alongside James Ackerson. As a result of unknown events (most likely a bet) in boot camp, Ackerson owed Twyker money. While Twyker considered Ackerson an "asshole," he soon developed a warrior's respect for Ackerson.

Battle of Cleveland[]

During the Battle of Cleveland in Winter 2552, he was in charge of a Marine Headquarters set up in the city in the abandoned sewers, with a platoon-sized force underneath his command.

The headquarters was where Ruwan Ackerson was taken to after informing Marines who had rescued him that the Key of Osanalan, an object the Covenant were looking for in the area, was a fictional item made up by him and his brother, Colonel James Ackerson.

Initially exceedingly hostile to the civilians and marines who had brought them into the secure location, Twyker agreed to listen when he realized who Ruwan's brother was.

After realizing the truth about the "Key," he, along with Intel Operations Manager Wesley, devised a plan to misinform the Covenant that they had the artifact. Ruwan volunteered for the mission, and although Twyker initially opposed his involvement, he was persuaded to let the man do it, to sacrifice himself to give the UNSC a chance to hit higher ranking Covenant officials.[1]


  • Twyker has a large scar over his right eye for unknown reasons.



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