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The Type-28 Intrusion Vehicle, also known as the Tick, is a Covenant ship specifically designed for boarding an enemy vessel.[1][2]

Class History[]

The Fleet of Particular Justice used them to board the UNSC Pillar of Autumn.[3]

The Type-28 boarding craft were responsible for the destruction of the Orbital Defense Platform Athens and Malta Stations. They as well delivered troops to Cairo Station attempting to do the same thing, but their compliments were repelled.[4]


Covenant Boarding Party

A group of Covenant soldiers prepare to board the Pillar of Autumn in Halo: Combat Evolved.

The craft can be used in a variety of entry points, having burnt holes through hanger bay windows[4] or used the empty UNSC escape pod docking rings to board a vessel. The boarding craft is a reusable vessel and is able to leave the UNSC ship and return to a nearby cruiser should the need to retreat occur.[3] These vessels usually carried a compliment of up to 8-10 Covenant warriors, usually Unggoy and Sangheili.

These possessed the large bodied structure with an attached boarding tube. The entrance/exit to the boarding tube was covered with an impenetrable shield that only allowed their considerable complement of Covenant soldiers out. The tube, once deployed, had a superheated rim to melt glass instead of shattering it, therefore cooling down so air cannot escape.[4] The boarding tube seemed to function on a similar basis to the gravity-bridges found in the Covenant holy city High Charity.


Halo: Combat Evolved[]

The Type-28 is seen in the level The Pillar of Autumn. They could only be partially viewed and with an accessible interior. Though the only the boarding tube is accessible and the cockpit being off-limits behind a locked door.


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