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“The Scarab is incomplete, but its head is operational. Its field of fire prevents any chance of retreat or extraction. ”

The Type-29 Ultra-Heavy Site Excavator, also known as the Super Scarab, is a Covenant excavation machine.[1]


The Type-29 Scarab was used by the Covenant as a dedicated excavator used only for revealing buried Forerunner facilities. This Scarab variant was rarely encountered due to its need to be assembled on site and because the Covenant only used it to uncover momentous reliquaries.[1]


There is a large, incomplete Scarab in the level Scarab in Halo Wars. It is substantially larger and more heavily armored than a standard Scarab, and it appears to be completely mechanical. It has an extremely high amount of hit points, able to sustain fire from up to nine MAC rounds on the Easy difficulty, and it cannot be boarded. In addition to its incomplete state (and immobility), it projects a beam of light that shows where its attention is currently focused.


  • To slow down the speed of its searchlight, the player must destroy seven power nodes.
  • It should be noted that the abandoned Scarab in the level Beachhead is also referred to as Super Scarab, though it seems to be a normal Scarab in every regard but title.

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