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The Type-36 Ultra-Heavy Siege Platform, more commonly known as the Scarab, is a Covenant walker, which is classified as a Tier-Four in the Covenant's Excavator rating scale.[1]

Type-36 Scarabs are defined by the fact that they are fitted with a powerful Class-4 plasma cannon similar to those used by Type-27 "Mantis" AACs. The Type-36 Scarab, like all other Scarabs, is operated by a gestalt of Lekgolo worms under the command of a supervisor. Gestalts are seldom allowed complete control over the vehicles due to the presence of unruly strains of Lekgolo worm in most colonies inhabiting Scarabs, which could cause problems if not kept in check.[1]

It has been speculated with almost absolute certainty that this particular Scarab variant is a field modification, a conclusion bolstered by the fact that this particular Scarab has been sighted with a large range of chassis designs. Despite this, however, the performance of the vehicles in practical scenarios remains mostly uniform across these designs.[1]



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