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Were you looking for the Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher, or the Type-52 Troop Carrier?

The Type-52 Guided Munitions Launcher/Explosive (T52 GML/E),[2] more commonly known as the Plasma Launcher,[3] is a plasma-based explosive launcher used by the Covenant Empire during the Human-Covenant war.

Design Details[]

ReachSchematic - PlasmaGL

A blueprint of the Plasma Grenade Launcher.

The weapon is capable of launching up to four large explosive plasma grenade-like bolts at a single target. These can be fired individually or all at once if charged for a short time. A plasma launcher with full battery is, in total, capable of firing up to twelve bolts, regardless of whether fired individually or in bursts. The bolts track vehicles and infantry in a similar way to the Needler, although with some notable differences, such as the fact that it does not lock on instantly. A red circle will appear around a target to indicate the Launcher is "locked on." Note also that the Plasma Launcher has a 2.5x Zoom capability, better than the Human Rocket Launcher in fact. When zoomed in, the weapon is able to lock onto targets from farther away than when unzoomed. These bolts will continue to track even if the operator is killed or if the bolt is redirected by a gravity hammer. However, the projectiles move incredibly slowly, and enemy soldiers are often able to dodge them as a result of that.[2]

Similar to Plasma Grenades, the plasma bolts fired by the Plasma Launcher will stick to targets upon impact. Dissimilar to plasma grenades, though, the bolts can also stick to any other surface they land on, no-matter the material or angle. Additionally, they have a slight delay on them which makes the weapon capable of getting kills "from the grave."[3] The bolts have an arcing trajectory when fired over long distances. It has an appearance slightly similar to the Fuel Rod Gun, as they are both Covenant heavy weapons, though the Launcher is blue and the Fuel Rod Gun is brown/gold.[4][5] The Plasma Launcher is carried in combat by high-ranking Unggoy, Sangheili, and Jiralhanae.

Changes from Halo: Reach to Halo 5: Guardians[]

  • The weapon is now coloured a more vibrant shade of purple than the original.
  • It has been given a new, more detailed model but the design has remained identical.


  • The sound file for the Plasma Launcher was first released in the Bungie Weekly Update 1/29/10, with the title "Mystery Weapon," though it sounds subtly different in the final build of the game.[6]
  • The Plasma Launcher can actually lock onto targets from incredible distances when using the 2.5X zoom capability; done right, it is fully capable of locking onto and hitting a slow moving vehicle from halfway across maps like Hemorrhage, for example.
  • With the recent addition of the Covenant Concussion Rifle as a counterpart to the Grenade Launcher, it appears that the Plasma Launcher can be considered more of a cross between the Spartan Laser and the Grenade Launcher than a direct counterpart to either weapon.
    • The weapon leans closer to the Spartan Laser due its sheer destructive power, its relative rarity, and its limited number of shots.
  • Unggoy Heavies can be seen wielding these on occasion in Campaign and Firefight depending on what difficulty has been picked. However, in Firefight's Versus mode they can't be traded for a Plasma Pistol or a Needler, and most interestingly they're much smaller than the version wielded by the Sangheili. Unggoy SpecOps can also be seen wielding them on Legendary from time to time too, but not as commonly.
  • If the operator begins the "Charge Up" sequence, then wishes to cancel the firing sequence for whatever reason, swapping to their secondary weapon (should they have one) will cancel any grenades that have already been loaded/charged, and unlike the Plasma Pistol, no loss in battery level occurs.
  • The Plasma Launcher is capable of actually following a player if they go through a teleporter, redirecting itself to continue to track the target.
  • The plasma bolts fired by the Plasma Launcher are very similar to Plasma Torpedos, albeit much smaller.
  • When a player using the Sgt. Stacker firefight voice equips the Plasma Launcher, he will sometimes call it the "Tee Four Zero" rather than it's actual designation T-52.
  • Though it was never officially announced, the Plasma Launcher was briefly featured in Halo 5: Guardians' Warzone Firefight mode, before it was removed.[7]
    • It could be seen wielded by specific Unggoy when playing Warzone Firefight on March on Stormbreak. The weapon only appeared if on Round 3, the randomly-selected objective was to eliminate the Wraith Officer and Recon Leaders. Three waves of Covenant troops were be dropped via Phantom onto the battlefield, over the course of the fight. Among each of these waves was an Unggoy using the weapon.
    • The weapon could be picked up and used, just like any other. It functioned identically to its Halo: Reach iteration, firing a burst of up to four tracking explosive plasma bolts, depending on how long the weapon is allowed to charge.
    • It is likely that the weapon's presence was a mistake on the part of 343 Industries, as it was clearly in an unfinished state. The weapon lacked sound effects of any form, possessed no first-person model or animations, had no reticle or icon when wielded, lacked a pick-up prompt, didn't activate the stabilizer Spartan Ability when scoped in mid-air and didn't have a blue outline when discarded on the ground, as other weapons do.
  • A Sangheili wielded a Plasma Launcher in an attempt to prevent Gray Team from escaping the cruiser, Unwavering Discipline, before he was neutralized by Adriana-111. [8]


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