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The new generation of Ghosts feature a sleek biomimetic carapace wrapped over the latest boosted-gravity drive components. The T-54 RAV offers a greater level of protection and higher performance to give operators an edge during ground engagements.
— Official description, Canon Fodder[2]

The Type-54 Rapid Attack Vehicle, better known as the Ghost, was a post-war replacement for the outdated T-32 Ghost used during the Human-Covenant war. It functions largely the same but offers more protection for the user, as well as better performance. Manufactured by reopened manufacturing facilities that had been long-dormant, it sports more modern boosted gravity drive components than the model it was designed to replace.[2]

Changes from the Type-32 Ghost[]

  • Second gravity drive added.
  • Flaps on wings raise when the Ghost is boosting.


Image Name Description Changes
H5G T54Ghost-SwordGhost Sword Ghost A Ghost with thicker armour than normal, used by the Swords of Sanghelios.
  • +40% vehicle health[3]
H5G T54Ghost-GhostUltra Ghost Ultra A next-generation Ghost produced exclusively by the colony Whispering Trees, featuring improved armour and more powerful plasma cannons.
  • +75% vehicle health[3]
  • Plasma rounds explode on impact, doing area-of-effect damage
  • Plasma cannons fire slightly slower
H5G T54Ghost-TempleGhost Temple Ghost Driven only by veteran Zealots, the Temple Ghost is a powerful Ghost with thick armour, better handling and the ability to fire while boosting.
  • +75% vehicle health[3]
  • Improved handling over the standard Ghost
  • Plasma cannons can fire while boosting
H5G Render SwordGhost Boss Ghost A Ghost variant driven by boss targets in Warzone simulations.






  1. Covenant vehicles are designated based on when they were first properly documented by the UNSC. Thus, the Type-54 RAV was first documented in 2554.