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Were you looking for the Type-51 Carbine from previous Halo games?

The T-57B Carbine is a versatile semi-automatic rifle renowned for its accuracy and long range. New production models use a streamlined manufacturing process and reactive materials in place of radioisotopes for coating projectiles.[1]

The Type-57B Carbine, abbreviated T-57B Carbine,[1] and more commonly known as the Covenant Carbine, is a Covenant remnants firearm. New production models with reactive materials are used instead of radioisotopes for coating its rounds.

Changes from the Type-51 CarbineEdit

  • Lighter in color.
  • Regains its external ammunition counter.
  • Rate of fire higher.
  • Magazine size increased to 20 rounds.
  • Faster reload.
  • Scope is replaced with smart-link sight.






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