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Were you looking for the Type-33 Light Anti-Armor Weapon from previous Halo games?

Cheaper and more reliable than its predecessors, the Type-58 launcher uses a compact and refined class of fuel rod ammunition that is far safer to manufacture, store and field.
— Official description[1]

The Type-58 Light Anti-Armor Weapon, abbreviated T-58 LAAW,[1] and more commonly known as the Fuel Rod Cannon or Fuel Rod Gun, is a Covenant remnants firearm. It uses fuel rods that are far safer to manufacture and field.[1]


Changes from the Type-33 Fuel Rod Gun[]

  • Magazine now moved to the back.
  • Is now fed from a revolver cylinder-esque device instead of five-round chargers.
  • More streamlined in shape.
  • Loses the IR screen on the left side of the weapon.
  • Slower reload.
  • Slower rate of fire.
  • The correct number of fuel rods is seen when the weapon is being reloaded; if there are four shots remaining, there are four on the fuel rod "cylinder."
  • Fuel rods can no longer ricochet off of hard surfaces, and will always explode on impact.
  • Fuel rods no longer arc.