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The Type-58 Ultra-Heavy Site Excavator/Embedded, also known as the Sbaolekgolo to the Covenant remnants or Harvester to the UNSC, is a gigantic six-legged vehicle first introduced in the Halo 4 Spartan Ops chapter Switchback. Similar to the Scarab, it is controlled by a crew of Sbaolekgolo worms and is used for mining operations.

Fireteam Crimson was sent to investigate the Harvester after the disappearance of Fireteam Switchback with nothing left but their IFF tags. Crimson disabled the Harvester, but the site was retaken sometime later by the Covenant. After finding out the true purpose of the vehicle (to find a Forerunner artifact), Crimson had to re-enable the device so Infinity could escape Requiem.


  • It is the third known Covenant vehicle that is not named after a spectral entity or insect; the first two being the Chopper and the Prowler.
    • "Harvester" likely refers its purpose, to "harvest" artifacts. It's also very possible that it's named after Harvester ants.
  • The Harvester's mining beam is very similar to the Lich's beam weapon.
  • It is possible that the mining lasers seen by Frederic-104 near ONI Castle Base were the same mounted on Harvesters.