UE8-14 was a Scorpion Tank built by the UNSC. It had a painting of a hand depicting the "O.K." gesture on its front left tread cover.

Operational HistoryEdit

In 2552, the UE8-14 model of battle tank was assigned to the UNSC In Amber Clad and was aboard it during the Battle of Earth, but was apparently not utilized. However, when the In Amber Clad arrived at Installation 05, the tank was deployed to assist John-117 and the ODSTs in combating enemy Wraith tanks while searching for the Prophet of Regret just outside the Sentinel Wall. The Chief used the tank to destroy many enemy vehicles and small outposts, but eventually had to leave it behind when they arrived at a set of Forerunner ruins where it was too narrow to continue with the tank.[5]

Later, when the Arbiter was passing through the Quarantine Zone around the Installation's Library, the UE8-14 was one of the Scorpion Tanks that had been captured by the Flood and was being used to attack Enforcers and Sentinel Majors, manned by a human Combat Form.[6] The tank was presumably destroyed in the battle between the Sentinel Enforcers and the Flood.


UE8-14 has thinner armor compared to standard M808B tanks. This was supplemented with ceramic appliqué plates, allowing the tank to be moved by air easier.[2]


  • UE8-14 can be driven if you kill the Combat Form driving the tank. If you manage to take control of the tank you can have your Elites sit on the Tread covers, but when the tank is driven to the wall where you must pass on foot, your Elites will not get off the treads.


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