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The UH-144 Falcon[5] was a troop transport tilt-and-transverse-rotor helicopter in primary use by the UNSC Army.[2]

Class History[]

The Falcon first entered UNSC service in 2497 and was well recieved on inner colony worlds as a good, economical replacement for the Pelicans.[2] From there, it has seen its fair use over the course of the Human-Covenant war, as one of the UNSC Army's main air transport vehicles.[6][7]

The Falcon has seen through various theatres of war but it was used extensively by Noble Team during the Battle of Fumirole, providing air support[8] and in 2552 where they helped Noble with several missions on Reach including: Their investigation of the Visegrád Relay, the First Battle of Sword Base, the Battle of Viery, the beginning of Operation: UPPER CUT, the Raid on New Alexandria, the Evacuation of New Alexandria, and the Second Battle of Sword Base.

However, they were also used by the crew of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn, during the Battle of Installation 04, where they were deployed to the surface, following the crash-landing of their ship[9]. They were also deployed, during the Battle of Mombasa, by UNSC forces on Earth, in the waning days of the Human-Covenant war.[10] It is still currently in service since 2557.[6]


Two Falcons can transport a fully-equipped fireteam,[11] and provide overwhelming fire support in most weather conditions. The aircraft's crew consists of one pilot, two crewmen who may serve as door gunners, and three passengers.


Standard armament for a Falcon includes a chin-mounted M638 Autocannon[11], operated by the pilot and secondary weapons, fitted by crew's discretion on articulated, collapsible, turret arm-mounts. These choices include the MG460 Automatic Grenade Launcher or M247H Heavy Machine Gun.[2]


Picture Variant Description
N/A UH-144A Standard Falcon frame, but door gunners use the MG460 Automatic Grenade Launcher.[11]
N/A UH-144S Standard Falcon frame, but door gunners use the M247H Heavy Machine Gun.[11]

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Halo: Reach[]

The Falcon differs between the campaign and multiplayer. In Campaign, the internal passenger bench is available for players to sit on, on top of the usable gunner seats. As well, the chin-mounted autocannon is usable by the pilot, and the grenade launcher variant is usable. The multiplayer version only allows passengers with the gunner seats and lacks the chin-mounted autocannon.


  • When piloting the Falcon, remember to face one side of the Falcon towards attacking Banshees, allowing an ally to open fire on them.
  • Coordinate with gunners to keep the nose pointed directly at an enemy and focus each weapon's fire on a single target.
  • The Falcon's side-mounted machine guns are extremely short-ranged, so keep your gunners in range of the targets.
  • The Falcon can drop faster than it can strafe. When an enemy projectile such as a rocket is incoming, it is more effective to dodge it by dropping the Falcon's altitude rather than strafing.
  • The Falcon used in the level Tip of the Spear is equipped with MG460 Automatic Grenade Launchers; holding the trigger launches an EMP grenade that detonates when the trigger is released, releasing a shockwave that can shut down enemy vehicles.
  • The Falcon in the level New Alexandria is equipped with a pilot controlled chin-mounted chaingun that has a larger field of fire, is more accurate, and is more powerful than the side-mounted machine guns. If playing in co-op, a second Falcon armed with MG460 Automatic Grenade Launchers is also provided.
  • Keep moving to avoid being skyjacked by players with the Jetpack.
  • The cockpit area is much more vulnerable to damage than the rest of the Falcon. A single sniper rifle or Plasma Launcher round is capable of destroying a Falcon.
  • Players riding the Falcon have increased motion sensor range and detect all other players regardless of movement or camouflage.
  • Plasma Pistol and Grenade Launcher EMP effects completely disable the Falcon's engines, leaving it vulnerable to skyjacking or fatal crashing.
  • While the Falcon can be used to insert players near objectives, it cannot be used to transport players carrying objective items such as flags or bombs. However, those players can still stand on top of the Falcon and "ride" it.
  • The Falcon can be used to insert snipers to otherwise inaccessible perches.
  • Attempts to splatter an enemy can easily result in a skyjacking.
  • In Invasion on Spire, collect the core carrier from the top of the Spire by letting them jump on top of the Falcon, then slowly descend towards the Pelican and allow the player with the core to jump off.
  • If you have a Banshee, try to aim the fuel rod cannon at the Falcon's cockpit. This will kill the pilot without damaging the Falcon, sometimes allowing your team to take it over.


  • In the military system of aircraft designation, the letter "U" stands for utility, and the letter "H" stands for helicopter. This would make the Falcon the Utility Helicopter Model 144. 
  • The Halo: Reach Limited and Legendary editions include a Falcon avatar prop.
  • In Halo: Reach, if a player jumps on top of a rotor hub, he/she cannot be killed by the Falcon's rotors. However, if he/she touches the rotor hub, he/she will be killed instantly.
  • In Halo: Reach, the windshield of AI-controlled Falcons is solid gray instead of glass, meaning the pilot cannot actually see through them. The same applies with the Pelican.
  • In the Halo: Reach level Winter Contingency, a glitch allows Noble Team's Falcon to be piloted by Noble Six if it is shot down by a plasma pistol and flipped over.
  • When firing the grenade launchers mounted on the Falcon, when using the alternate fire mode, the screen reads "ready," then changes to "linked." When the alternate fire button is released and the linked grenade is detonated, the screen readout changes to "boom!"
  • Falcons appeared in pre-release campaign screenshots from Halo 4, but were cut from the final game.[12]
  • In Halo: Last Light, it is stated the Falcon has doors for the troop bay, however no such model is seen in game, including the troop transport variant seen in Winter Contingency.[citation needed]
  • The update released for Halo: The Master Chief Collection alongside the port of Halo: Reach for PC includes all models of the Falcon present in the game, including models previously only seen in the campaign.


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