Airpad cropped

A render of an Airpad in Halo Wars

The UNSC Airpad is a structure in Halo Wars, built as an add-on to the basic UNSC Firebase. As its name suggests, it is designed to construct UNSC aircraft, such as the AV-14 Attack "Hornet" VTOL's, Sparrowhawk, and the Vulture Gunship.[1]


005 AirtowerV01

An early concept art image for the UNSC Airpad. Note the Falcons on the runway and one in the hangar, and a Shortsword docked with wings retracted.

"Air superiority can be of vital importance, for example not only for intelligence gathering but also for tactical strikes at your enemy’s weak points. A UNSC Airpad is a surprisingly sophisticated structure that not only houses the maintenance crews required to refit, repair, and rearm Hornets, it also houses banks of simulation pods to train pilots in everything from the basics to advanced tactical maneuvers. Desperate times can call for desperate measures, and on more than a few occasions Firebase Commanders have thrown any able bodies they’ve had at their disposal into the simulators for a crash course in operating the Attack VTOL-14. With the UNSC Spirit of Fire at your disposal to provide experienced air crews, chances are you won’t have to resort to these sorts of unorthodox procedures." -Halo Wars website description

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