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The UNSC Army is a branch of the UNSCDF[1] primarily responsible for land-based military operations.[2] They launch offensive operations from land bases against land-based targets and are used in capturing and establishing control over UNSC-held territory. The UNSC Army frequently patrols colony planets[2] and has served as assault troops aboard UNSC Navy starships (most notably the UNSC Spirit of Fire[3] and UNSC Infinity[4]).


Human-Covenant war[]

In 2542, the Covenant found Alluvion. It would be the Army who would try to fend them off. However, the Covenant would overwhelm them and the planet would be glassed.[5]

During the Battle of Actium, Colonel Akono Menteith and the 53rd Armored Division defended the planet against a Covenant invasion force, ultimately resulting in all 12,000 Army soldiers being annihilated and the planet glassed.

On April 22, 2552, the Covenant assaulted Fumirole.[6] The Army and Noble Team would counter.[7]

Assault on Epsilon Eridani[]

Fall of Reach[]
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When the Visegrád Relay went down, 3 Charlie was sent to investigate first, right before Noble Team.[8][9] The Army would also be the first responders when Sword Base would come under attack. Noble Team would provide support towards the end of the battle.[10] Noble Team would discover the Fleet of Valiant Prudence,[11] and as part of WINTER CONTINGENCY, the Army would counter where ever the Covenant was.[12] Operation: UPPER CUT would be executed by Noble Team while supported by the Army.[13] New Alexandria would be evacuated[14] and battled over by elements of the Army.[15] Noble Team would destroy Sword Base[16] and carry the package to Aszod. It would be SPARTAN-B312 who would defend the UNSC Pillar of Autumn before it left Reach.[17] Army forces would help defend ODG Facility A-412.[18]

Battle for Tribute[]
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At some point during the battle, the Army fought against the Covenant on Tribute.[19][notes 1]

Attack on Sol[]

During the Battle of Earth, an Army unit of 20 troopers tried to aid Marine forces in New Mombasa and were annihilated in the attempt.[20]

During the Battle of Mare Erythraeum on MarsColonel James Ackerson led an unknown number of Army forces against the Brute commander Lepidus and his army.[21][notes 2]


In 2558, Army units participated in the Second Battle of Requiem.[22]





All active duty soldiers of the UNSC Army wear the UNSC Army Battle Dress Uniform. There also exists an Army Dress Uniform.

Power Armor[]

Post-war Army combat divers use the Mako MJOLNIR Helmet.[23] The Air Assault MJOLNIR Helmet was first utilized by Army airborne units during the Human-Covenant war,[24][25] but were also given to Army special forces to use after the war.[26]



During the Human-Covenant war, the Army utilized the M6J Carbine, the MA37 Assault Rifle, and the M392 DMR.

After the war, the Army uses the M57 Pilum Assault Weapon for their rocket launcher.[27] The M392 DMR was transferred over to reserve units and the M395 DMR began to be used.[28] The Army also began to use the Recon variant of the MA5D Assault Rifle.[29]

Ground Vehicles[]

During the Human-Covenant war, the Army utilized the M12 LRV, the M12R, the M12G1, the M831 TT, and the M808 MBT. They also used the M850 MBT[30] and the M650 Mastadon.[31]

After the war, the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Armor Defense System was utilized and upgraded by the Army.[32] Army scouts use the Urban variant of the M290 Mongoose.[33] The Urban variant of the M820 MBT is also used by the Army.[34] In arctic conditions, soldiers will use the Tundra variant of the M12R Rocket Hog.[35] In forested regions, the Woodland variant of the M12 LRV is used.[36] As well, some garrisons still use the M850 MBT.[30]

Air Vehicles[]

The Army is only known to utilize one air vehicle, the UH-144 Falcon.



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  • Some female army soldiers have hair descending down from their helmets, as opposed to the Marines, where all female Marines seem to have crew cuts.
  • The UNSC Army makes its in-game debut in Halo: Reach, in which UNSC Army soldiers, Marines, and ODSTs have their own service tags showing their name and rank. Some of them are named after Bungie and Rooster Teeth employees.
  • The UNSC Army is never mentioned and is not present during the Hillside Memorials dedication in Halo 3.


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  1. As Gabriel Thorne was in the Army, it is most likely that the Army fought here.
  2. Considering that James Ackerson was an Army Colonel, the UNSC most likely used Army forces during the Battle of Mare Erythraeum.



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