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The Airborne is an elite light infantry corps of the UNSC Army.[1][2] It consists of both parachute infantry and air assault elements, including field artillery and engineering units.




Power Armor[]

Airborne personnel are equipped with Ushuaia Armory's Air Assault helmet, which was developed as an improvement on the helmet worn by the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.[2] The Airborne presumably use some form of the Army Battle Dress Uniform. It is likely that they utilize components of the MJOLNIR hard-point series, which is designed for use in parachute and parafoil operations, and the compatible G-25 airfoil carapace.



The Airborne probably utilize much of the equipment used by their regular Army counterparts, though, given the nature of the operations they undertake, the Airborne typically operate with lighter armament and few, if any, vehicular support. Airborne personnel are likely armed with most standard-issue weapons, such as the MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System and the M392 Designated Marksman Rifle, and specialist weapons such as they SRS99 sniper rifle and the M41 rocket launcher. Given their need for compact loads during deployment, the Airborne likely make extensive use of the M6J/C Carbine.

Ground Vehicles[]

Utilizing vehicles would generally not be practical until a reliable airhead has been secured; even so, the Airborne probably makes use of only light vehicles such as the M12 Force Application Vehicle and the M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicle. Given their need to carry little matériel during deployment, the Airborne probably make very extensive use of resupply canisters.

Air Vehicles[]

While the Airborne probably make extensive use of parafoils and possibly Falcon Wing aerial descent units, it is likely that most deployments are carried out via dropships such as the D77-TC Pelican and D96-TCE Albatross. The Airborne likely also utilizes the UH-144 Falcon for air mobility and the D82-EST Darter for delivering supplies to secured airheads.



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