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Halo Reach - UNSC Army Infantryman (Standing)

The UNSC Army Battle Dress Uniform in Halo: Reach.

The UNSC Army BDU is the standard battle dress uniform for the UNSC Army.


Troopers sport olive-drab camouflage fatigues, with brown-gray or, rarely, green armor plating. The main components of the armor include an armored vest, a helmet and large shoulder pauldrons. The chest armor also has an extension to provide protection to the groin. The shins are not armored like in the Marine BDU, with only dust-gray combat boots and black kneepads on the lower leg. The thighs have attachment rigs for equipment much like in the other versions. On the waist is a utility belt used for storing equipment.

Some UNSC Army Troopers wear balaclavas, and also feature helmet attachments such as tactical goggles of various different colours, monocle eyepieces, flashlights and sensors, and night vision goggles identical to those used with the "Sharpshooter" ODST armor variant. Troopers also wear many different types of backpack, including radios and webbing.

The uniform consists of usually two variants of shoulder pad: GUNGNIR shoulders, or a larger variant of the GUNGNIR shoulder pad, and a helmet similar to that of the Military Police, but without a visor. Some troopers also have either a flashlight or a CNM on the sides of the helmet. Troopers wear a Tactical/LRP chest, with 3 ammo pouches and a UA/NxRA utility on both thighs, and occasionally a Softcase on their right leg.

Occasionally, troopers might also have armored shin guards, with GUNGNIR knee pads, though this is more common with UNSC Marines and ODSTs.


  • The two types of shoulder pauldrons of the BDU are identical to either the shoulders of the GUNGNIR variant (formerly EOD) of the MJOLNIR Mark V Armor, or the UA/Base Security variant.
  • The helmet also has an identical shape to that of the Military Police helmet variant of the MJOLNIR Mark V Armor.
  • Several color variations of the armor also exist, from dust-brown, to grey, to the traditional olive-green of the UNSC Marines.
  • On most soldiers, extra sniper rounds can be seen on their left shoulder pauldron (GUNGNIR).
  • Some Troopers have a Balaclava and Goggles, which resembles the appearance of Marines in Halo Wars.
  • The green armored troopers are rarely seen in Halo: Reach and 2 of those troopers can be found in the Tip of the Spear mission.


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