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The UNSC Buenos Aires was a UNSC Destroyer.[1]


The Buenos Aires was sent after the Insurrectionist-captured ship, UNSC Callisto in what would come to be known as the Callisto Incident. It was destroyed and all crew members were presumed dead when a stolen UNSC nuclear warhead was detonated by the Callisto.

Operational HistoryEdit

After the Callisto had been captured by the Insurrectionists, the UNSC sent the Buenos Aires, the UNSC Jericho, and the UNSC Las Vegas to hunt it down.

On March 2, 2494, the group managed to confront the captured ship. All ships fired six of their seven Ares Missiles. However, the Callisto managed to evade the attack by hiding under an asteroid. They detonated it towards the ships by using a nuke that had been planted beforehand. The Buenos Aires was destroyed, and the other two ships were seriously damaged.


  • It is named after the capital of Argentina.
  • The description of the Buenos Aires' destruction erroneously states that her antennae and MAC trajectory sensors were boiled away. However, no UNSC vessel was equipped with a MAC at the time. The UNSC Gorgon became the first several years later.



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